Vibrant Gujrat 2019


Such a wonderful event..

Proud for every gujrati.

Maharaja Jam saheb Digvijay Singh…..

I bet YOU did not Know about rajupana king the great Digvijay Singh

When Hitler invaded Poland and started World War II, 500 Polish women and 200 children were put in a ship to save them from Germans. The ship was left in the sea by the Polish Army and Captain was told to take them to any country where they can get shelter. Last message from their countrymen was *”if we are alive or survived, then we will meet again”*

The ship, filled with five hundred refugee polish women and two hundred children were refused to come in by many European Ports, Seychelles, Aden etc. The ship continued to sail and somehow reached the harbor port of Iran. *Yes so far away*. There also they did not get any permission. Finally, the ship wandering in the sea reached India and came to then Bombay. The British Governor also refused the ship to port.

Where Maharaja of Jamnagar, *”Jham Sahab Digvijay Singh”* came to know about this ship, he became truly concerned. He allowed the ship to port in his kingdom at a port near Jamnagar. He not only gave shelter to five hundred women but also gave their children free education in Balachiri in an Army School.
These refugees stayed in Jamnagar for nine years till World War II lasted. They were well taken care of. Jam Sahib regularly visited them and was fondly called *Bapu* by them.

Later these refugees returned to their own country. One of the children of these refugees later became the Prime Minister of Poland. Even today, the descendants of those refugees come to Jamnagar every year and remember their ancestors.

In Poland, the name of many roads in the capital of Warsaw is named after Maharaja Jam Sahib. There are many schemes in Poland on his name. Every year Poland newspapers print articles about Maharaja Jam Saheb Digvijay Singh.

From the ancient times, the message of India वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम (whole world is a family) and it’s tolerance has been well known in the world.

Few people today raise doubt put question marks on India’s tolerance. India was will remain an Indian Culture – Rich ,brave, tolerant, compassionate and genuine humanitarian – plus pro life, pro good values and great respect.

This was an illustrious page from history hardly known to many today even in Indian.