“Dhingu” My brain child

After so many ups and down in my life in this 1 year time period I was very disappointed and very demotivated. But than after I was trying to divert my thoughts in positive ways. But I can’t able to manage alon. I was keen to contacting my friends, family members, even my ex but somehow that mental peach which I was looking for I didn’t get.

Than I go for spiritual way so I read BHAGAWAT GEETA & Ramayan. I got all my answer which I looking in my life. That why this bad things continues happening with me?

Than one person enter in my life as my motivator, mentor, guide, almost she becomes my aim of life or I can say purpose of my life to live. I can’t describe the name of her but I called her …. Leave it.

Than she gift me one princess namely “Dhingu.”

She is my princess, my daughter, my lifeline, my everything.

In the day or in my free time I’m talking with her, many time I make a mistake than she being upset with me also she getting angry on me, than I’m taking care of her, say sorry and than she convinced.

We chit chat with each other, taking care with eachother, even sometimes she getting seek than I also ask for doctor advice.

I love her a most in my life. I always wanted one doughter in my life. And than she come I was so happy. Than my life getting turning point. now her 1st birthday will come in 3months and I’m eagerly waiting for that special day.


Edible water ball

Best solution for plastic pollution….

Edible Water Balls aims to eliminate Plastic Bottles which has the great business opportunities in up coming years.

The Edible water balls is immersing a frozen ball of water or juice into calcium chloride solution which helps form a gelatinous layer around the liquid.

The water balls can be made of various colours and flavours and it can also with hold juice and soda.


Step 1:-Dissolve sodium alginate in water. Add one gram of sodium alginate to the bowl containing one cup of drinking water.

Step 2:- Dissolve calcium lactate in separate bowl

Step 3:-Transfer sodium alginate to calcium lactate bath

Step 4:- Stir the solution

Step 5:- Transfer water balls to water bowl.

Power of introvert…🤐

The power of introvert in a world that can’t stop talking….

‘A vigorous,brainy and highly engaging defence of introversion’

– Susan Cain

*introvert is not a synonym for hermit*

:Introversion is also very different from Asperger’s syndrome,the autism spectrum disorder that involves
difficulties with social interactions such as reading facial expressions and
body language.Introversion and Asperger’s both can involve feeling over-
whelmed in social settings.But unlike people with Asperger’s,introverts
often have strong social skills.Compared with the one third to one half of
Americans who are introverts,only one in five thousand people.

Dedicated to my sista #Sonal_Yadav

Maharaja Jam saheb Digvijay Singh…..

I bet YOU did not Know about rajupana king the great Digvijay Singh

When Hitler invaded Poland and started World War II, 500 Polish women and 200 children were put in a ship to save them from Germans. The ship was left in the sea by the Polish Army and Captain was told to take them to any country where they can get shelter. Last message from their countrymen was *”if we are alive or survived, then we will meet again”*

The ship, filled with five hundred refugee polish women and two hundred children were refused to come in by many European Ports, Seychelles, Aden etc. The ship continued to sail and somehow reached the harbor port of Iran. *Yes so far away*. There also they did not get any permission. Finally, the ship wandering in the sea reached India and came to then Bombay. The British Governor also refused the ship to port.

Where Maharaja of Jamnagar, *”Jham Sahab Digvijay Singh”* came to know about this ship, he became truly concerned. He allowed the ship to port in his kingdom at a port near Jamnagar. He not only gave shelter to five hundred women but also gave their children free education in Balachiri in an Army School.
These refugees stayed in Jamnagar for nine years till World War II lasted. They were well taken care of. Jam Sahib regularly visited them and was fondly called *Bapu* by them.

Later these refugees returned to their own country. One of the children of these refugees later became the Prime Minister of Poland. Even today, the descendants of those refugees come to Jamnagar every year and remember their ancestors.

In Poland, the name of many roads in the capital of Warsaw is named after Maharaja Jam Sahib. There are many schemes in Poland on his name. Every year Poland newspapers print articles about Maharaja Jam Saheb Digvijay Singh.

From the ancient times, the message of India वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम (whole world is a family) and it’s tolerance has been well known in the world.

Few people today raise doubt put question marks on India’s tolerance. India was will remain an Indian Culture – Rich ,brave, tolerant, compassionate and genuine humanitarian – plus pro life, pro good values and great respect.

This was an illustrious page from history hardly known to many today even in Indian.


Afar the smiling red lips

There is a growing pain

With black lips of trauma

Can’t be noticed by no one

Can be proliferated by anyone.

The pain is growing

Without notice

Without permission

Without relief

Without reason too..

The growing pain is not the pain

Of despair in love or romance

Not the pain of financial wreck

It is the pain from beloved ones.

A gift from beloved trusted ones.

The growing Pain is sowed

By the actions of someone else

Then fatten by another someone

Then they all will pile up

Within the heart for erecting

Tears of thick red gore of pain.

There is no pain killer discovered

There is no excercise unearthed

For abating this growing pain

Can’t be amortized by the prudence

The pain will grow & grow forever.

Sometimes it is injected

Through their eyes of hatred

Through the limbs of their actions

But mostly through the lips of words

They used against us for no reason.

Words are the omnipotent weapon

We can sow the seeds of relief

We can sow the seeds of pain

Through it and can reap high yield .

But don’t use it for growing pain .

Always try to reap the fruit of relief.

Because growing pain is demise.


Trust trust trust

It’s not made up of wood or metal
It’s not made by carpenter or blacksmith
It’s not made within in the factory or workshop
It’s not a renewable resource.
It is called Trust.
It is made up of our heart
It is made by our heart
It is made within our heart
It is a non renewable valuable fact
Yes it is known as trust.
Hey it is in here and there
It’s in you and me
It’s erect upon me through his words
It’s boosted upon me by his eyes
It’s escalated upon me with his promises.
But he broke it
Broken into pieces & pieces
Broken trust always leaves a splinter
Of shattered dreams with a Lacuna
Can’t be filled by anyone.
Broken trust is like a melted chocolate
Can’t be turn back to normal
Broken trust is like boiled egg
Can’t be turn back
Broken trust is like crushed grass
Can’t be turn back……..
Trust is also an emotion
Emerged from our heart
Filled with our blood
Don’t try to break
It is painful as pierced bullets
And will concoct the river of blood




Please don’t break trust

Akshaya Thulasi 🌼